Saturday, November 14, 2015

Alamo Canyon Ranch Pin-Up Photos!

On Saturday, November 7, Andrew Crawford took photos of the ranch for me, while he and his brother were hunting.  The photos here are all copyright 2015 - Andrew Crawford.  Reproduction in any form without his permission is forbidden.

Yes, that is snow you see on the distant mountains. 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

General Information About Alamo Canyon Ranch

Address: E024 Alamo Canyon Road  
County: Lincoln
City: Hondo  
State:New Mexico
GPS:  33.353050, -105.298722 and 33.353109, -105.299084

When you step foot onto the Alamo Canyon Ranch, you are literally walking into history, on land that has been used by humans for at least 13,000 years! Alamo Canyon Ranch is a 2,200 deeded acre mountain foothills ranch located outside Ruidoso near Tinnie, priced at $595,000.


If you know anything about the history of the Hondo Valley and San Patricio, you know that the valley has been chronicled must magnificently through the historic and landmark art of the legendary Peter Hurd. 

The portion of Alamo Canyon Ranch, that overlooks Highway 70, has visual access to the landscapes made famous by both Peter Hurd, and his son, Michael. Michael Hurd is one of the finest water color artists in the country.

With a portion of the Alamo Canyon Ranch so near to what is now Highway 70, and so close to the river, it is not within the realm of possibility that the property has played host, not only to representatives of the Clovis Culture, but additional First Nation's hunters. Without even looking, we have found a fascinating Clovis tool on Alamo Canyon Ranch, near the drainage run-off quite close to the entry of the property.  Several weeks ago, while a friend and I were checking out storm damage, I picked up several interesting Clovis artifacts.  I left one in place.  The other is in my purse.

The Hondo Valley has traces of human occupation which go back thousands of years. Recent archaeological excavations have showed us that the ancients used the valley for hunting. The late Peter Hurd once found a conquistador's helmet in the Hondo River a scant stone's throw from the property lines of the ranch.

Barbary Sheep

No, I'm not going to provide the location on a map where the sheep have a tendency to frequent.  What I can tell you is that we are currently allowing one or two hunts a year, for sheep, according to what is allowable by NM Game and Fish.

Barbary Sheep are a big game trophy hunt, with a tremendous amount of value.  They can bring big money for a land-owner, once a reputation is created about the size of the sheep.  I've been told that we have 'trophy' size sheep on the property.  What I do know is we are careful about who hunts the sheep, controlling the number killed.  The object is to keep the herd, which I have also been told is of a decent size, sustainable.

They are a spectacular creature for photographers.  Finding them is touch and go.  Their special little part of Alamo Canyon Ranch is extremely rugged, with difficult topography. According to a friend, who rents the property for about twenty head of cattle, they are almost impossible to find, they hide so well. He does not like to go into the canyon where they hide, it is so rugged and so dangerous.  Locating them, even for photography or inventory is not for the faint of heart.


The Alamo Canyon Ranch has an excellent well.  There are no water rights with the property.  The water from the well is quite good, and pure.  The canyon is mountainous, at nearly 6000 feet.  Drilling a second well is possible, but could be costly, perhaps more costly than installing pipe to an additional location.

Lincoln County currently has a moratorium on subdivisions due to previous poor use of water. New wells are possible, if you are willing to work with the county and the state.


The title to Alamo Canyon Ranch is free and clear, and completely researched by the Title Company in Ruidoso, NM. 


Contact SJ Reidhead by leaving a comment anywhere on this site.  I'm moderating comments, and will pick it up, as quickly as possible.  Please leave an email address.   For more information about the property, contact Gary Lynch of Lynch Realty @ 800-530-4597.  Web site is designed and maintained by SJ Reidhead as a personal site, only.

Thank you.


Like every other place in New Mexico, Alamo Canyon Ranch can be windy.  When on the peaks, it's worse.  The location is idea of for wind power, and would make an excellent wind farm. 

The climate zone is semi-arid within a  transition of high desert foothills to mountain land. Average annual precipitation is 14 inches to include snow. 

Most days are full sun with clear star bright nights.   The sky at night is amazingly clear, to the point where you think you are watching a science fiction movie.  It is perfect for astronomy.

Temperatures are mild seldom exceeding the mid 90s for summer highs with pleasant cool night temperatures. Winter night temperatures will fall below 32F from November through March with day time temperatures typically rising into the pleasant 50s and 60s. 

The climate is ideal for year round outdoor activity.

During the summer, it can be attacked by fierce electrical storms.  One of the drawbacks of being within the canyon during a storm is that there is no place to hide from lightening.  In 2011, a lightening strike fueled one of the worst fires in the county's history.  As in anywhere in the desert Southwest, be well aware of run-off, and flash floods.  There is a location near the entry, a creek, which regularly overflows, obscuring the main canyon road.  In the summer of 2014, the canyon and vicinity received 8 inches of rain in less than an hour.

It is beautiful in the snow.